The Changing Workplace

The future look, shape and feel of the workplace and of course the workforce is being debated by industry leaders and economics experts worldwide.  Uptake of Digital transformation, AI, robotics and the gig economy are all accelerating at an unprecedented pace impacting all aspects of workforce management.  Enterprise visionaries are developing new business models that aim to better integrate man and machine. With greater access to knowledge base, solutions that encompass creativity, collaboration and connectivity are transforming workplaces to ‘exchange spaces’. Organisations that embrace this workforce transformation will be best placed to outpace their competitors and capture new market share.

Work Smarter. Identify Workplace challenges.

Torsion Consulting excel in helping their clients identify the specific workplace challenges within their organisations relating to the engagement of this next generation workforce.  Engaging with Torsion Consulting can enable your organisation to adopt the strategies required to capitalise in this rapidly changing workplace.

Workforce Transformation

A significant amount of job displacement is likely to be caused by artificial intelligence and automation.

Multi Channel Workforce

The traditional 9 to 5 model of working is coming to an end. Many enterprises must re-evaluate their workforce model.

Over the next decade, re-skilling staff across all levels of an organisation will be crucial in order to maintain the incorporation of new technologies such as robotics and intelligent automation at a competitive rate.

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