Workforce Transformation

Fear of ‘Automation Anxiety’ on the rise

With a significant amount of job displacement likely to be caused by artificial intelligence and automation, “automation anxiety”, or a fear of machines causing substantial job losses, has arisen.

However, at the macroeconomic level, the job losses from automation are likely to be broadly offset by job gains arising from new technologies, such as robotics and AI. This will include some completely new jobs in areas relating to these technologies which will be highly-skilled and require significant remuneration.  Bespoke, non-routine jobs will remain in the human domain due to the low cost-value payoff of automating them, and significant growth in such jobs is also forecast.

new Jobs

New jobs will be created

Where new technologies boost demand through increased income and wealth, a number of new jobs are also expected to be created, as increased spending generates increased demand for labour.  Governments should also expect higher tax revenues due to the increased GDP that automation and AI will drive, increasing public spending and creating job opportunities in the public sector.


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