Agility and Information

Competition is Intensifying

The world around us is changing at an ever-increasing pace.  Digital technology infrastructure combined with a more relaxed global attitude to economic liberalisation means capital, people and ideas can now flow across boundaries on an international scale, without hindrance and at a speed never before seen.

The result is intensified competition, which in turn increases pressure on performance.

Knowledge can now flow at the speed of light.  We are moving from a world where knowledge must be protected at all costs, to a world where the value of knowledge stock depreciates rapidly.  With technological changes representing significant uncertainty in the future, knowledge flow is offering enterprises significantly more value than traditional knowledge stocks, as it becomes more and more difficult to forecast what is going to happen.


Focussing on Action

Businesses that harness scalable pull platforms can mitigate uncertainty by harnessing the ability to draw upon resources as and when they need them.  In the workforce domain, the traditional model of hiring is being challenged: companies are finding that instead of sourcing and retaining the best talent, leveraging diverse networks of thousands of individuals can offer more value and flexibility, and thus drive greater returns.

“Boxes and lines” are being replaced by a focus on action.  Agile organisations are discarding the old “top down” model and replacing it with networks of empowered, accountable teams.  Getting the mix of human and machine talent right will increasingly be key to maximising the success of this nimble, agile approach.

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