Learning Environment

Continuous Learning

In a constantly evolving workplace, the skills needed to keep up in almost any role must be regularly updated.  Forbes estimates that average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months, and IBM predicts that the world’s information base in now doubling every 11 hours.

The modern workforce grew up with a world of information at their fingertips and read more than previous generations.  With the traditional concept of a lifelong career being challenged, a culture of continuous learning is being adopted.  The volume of information available online, combined with easier access to remote and flexible training, gives the workforce more access than ever before to learning materials and information.  Enterprises are starting to realise that their training and development programmes need transforming towards a continuous model

Embracing Learning

Recruiters can assist organisations that employ this philosophy by helping them to better understand what their future skill requirements will be, source candidates that have proven credentials in continuous learning and pre-skill applicants for particular roles.  The workforce needs to embrace learning as a part of their career, rather than merely a precursor to it.

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