Leveraging Big Company Thinking

Leveraging Scalable Technologies

The benefits of exponential technologies are not limited to large organisations.  Smaller enterprises and start-ups are leveraging scalable technologies such as cloud computing solutions, crowdfunding and online payment systems to cut costs, increase security, deliver at speed and enhance their competitive advantage.

In addition to harnessing technology, these “nimble” enterprises may have a Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP) as opposed to the more traditional Unique Selling Point (USP).  Massive amounts of data and analytics produces smarter products and services, more efficient processes, and more closely connected customers, suppliers, and manufacturers

Succeeding in Tomorrow’s Digital Landscape

The international reach and flexibility of the nimble enterprise’s cost structure and allows it to better survive economic shocks, continuing to generate revenue across various different markets.

The emergence of the nimble enterprise proves that the abundant future will not be dominated solely by Exponential Organisations.  Companies of all sizes that harness the correct combination of technology, data and human talent will have the ability to succeed in tomorrow’s digital landscape.

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