Multi-Channel Workforce Models

Workforce Complexity

The traditional 9 to 5 model of working borne out of the industrial revolution is coming to an end.  Remote working, freelancing, crowd-sourcing and the gig economy now provide businesses with myriad staffing options.  However, the existence of this new, untethered workforce also adds complexity to both the recruitment and management processes.  Automatic, algorithm-based solutions to unlocking the potential of these multiple workforce channels are under constant development.

A contingent workforce augmented by remote full-time staff can see a business amplify its service offering across a 24-hour, 7 day per week timescale.  At the same time, AI, automation and robotics are accelerating output and productivity.  These benefits can be challenging for companies to harness, and many enterprises are finding that they must already re-evaluate their workforce model.

Our Consultative Approach

Torsion offers a consultative approach to fuelling new and traditional processes with the best talent available in the marketplace.  The new mix of orthodox full-time staff, contractors, crowds, and automated processes that a multi-channel workforce strategy requires must be sourced across various different channels.  Torsion can assist your business in broadening your staffing options in order to catalyse change and take advantage of the significant benefits that a multi-channel workforce can offer.

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