Mastering Augmentation

The Key To Success

What do Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, Spotify and Netflix have in common?  They are all considered “Exponential Organizations”: businesses that have leveraged emerging digital technologies whilst employing radical new organisational models, they use considerably fewer resources whilst growing at above-average rates.

Finding the right mix of technology and human talent is key to the success of the Exponential Organisation – these companies have mastered augmentation, which in turn has allowed them to unlock a greater share of the market.

Exponential Growth

Organisations that can master augmentation will outpace the competition and reach new, untapped markets.  Exponential Organisations use methods facilitating rapid experimentation and process improvement through fast feedback loops, give their workforce autonomy through flat hierarchies, drive real-time, zero-latency conversations across the organisation through social technologies, and leverage “staff-on-demand” – contingent workers and external contractors that allow companies to plug expertise gaps and ensure a constant flow of diverse ideas.

Mastering augmentation can unleash exponential growth in your organisation across abundant new and existing markets.

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